I’ve been meaning to write up some tips on interviewing at Google for a good long time now. I keep putting it off, though, because it’s going to make you mad. Probably. For some statistical definition of “you”, it’s very likely to upset you.

Why? Because… well, here, I wrote…

Problem Statement:

Given an array of integers where every integer occurs three times except for one integer, which only occurs once, find and return the non-duplicated integer.

For example, given [6, 1, 3, 3, 3, 6, 6], return 1. Given [13, 19, 13, 13], return 19.

Do this in O(N)…

You have observations of n + m 6-sided dice rolls with each face numbered from 1 to 6. n of the observations went missing, and you only have the observations of m rolls. Fortunately, you have also calculated the average value of the n + m rolls.

You are given…

Here is the simple script:

var faker = require('faker');
const createCsvWriter = require('csv-writer').createObjectCsvWriter;
const csvWriter = createCsvWriter({
path: 'out.csv',
header: […

First thing first, lets install some tools we need.

  1. WebAssembly Binary Toolkit, or wabt

To make life easier, I have updated my zshrc file, so i can run wabt commands. Like

# WebAssembly

Given an integer n (in base 10) and a base k, return the sum of the digits of n after converting n from base 10 to base k.

After converting, each digit should be interpreted as a base 10 number, and the sum should be returned in base 10.


The frequency of an element is the number of times it occurs in an array.

You are given an integer array nums and an integer k. In one operation, you can choose an index of nums and increment the element at that index by 1.

Return the maximum possible frequency

You are given two positive integer arrays nums1 and nums2, both of length n.

The absolute sum difference of arrays nums1 and nums2 is defined as the sum of |nums1[i] - nums2[i]| for each 0 <= i < n (0-indexed).

You can replace at most one element of nums1 with…

You are given the logs for users’ actions on LeetCode, and an integer k. The logs are represented by a 2D integer array logs where each logs[i] = [IDi, timei] indicates that the user with IDi performed an action at the minute timei.

Multiple users can perform actions simultaneously, and…

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